This is What a Panic Attack Physically Feels Like

I suffer from occasional anxiety / panic attacks. Sometimes I can feel them building before they actually hit me. At other times, the onset is quite sudden and unexpected. My attacks typically consume me with the irrational need to get out of my skin and away from wherever I am as quickly as possible. Sometimes, these feelings are accompanied by a suffocating feeling of being held down against my will. Even a light-weight sheet can feel like I’m being presses down on by something as heavy as a ton.

I’m not sure if my description makes sense to someone who has never experienced these particular symptoms or the terror that comes with each episode. Huffington Post has delivered a well-informed article about the symptoms and feelings that can be associated with this disorder. The article incorporates information submitted by individuals who suffer from a variety of symptoms. The comments following the article may be helpful as well.

This Is What A Panic Attack Physically Feels Like Huffington Post: Strong Together


Pain & Panic

For those of you who have never experienced Chronic Lyme disease, either personally or through someone close to you, it is something that can effect every part of your life. Lyme and its co-infections infiltrate the systems of the body if not caught early. Once the bacteria has a chance to spread from the bloodstream to the nerves, joints, muscles, heart, etc, it is very hard to stop. Some of the effects become permanent.

Pain is ever present. Headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, general-overall pain… some days, it is painful for someone to lightly touch me.  My hands hurt all the time… some days worse than others. I awake in pain every day.

My fatigue is so great sometimes that I can not stay awake. I sleep at least 12 hours a day most days. Trying to get dressed, or get anything at all done, just wears me out.

What is worse though is the occasional panic (anxiety) attack. They are very hard to define. Believe me, I have tried to explain it to my mom. For each piece I described of how it feels, she desperately tried to the feeling into a rational “box,” but it just can’t be defined in such a way.

It doesn’t always feel exactly the same, but it always makes me feel very anxious. Sometimes it is like I am trying to jump out of my skin or like there is an electrical current running through me. Sometimes, I get the feeling like I am being pinned down and I can’t move. All of these descriptions are part of what makes these attacks so difficult. It feels so awful…