My Views on the Presidential Debate 8-6-15

This editorial is my opinion and will probably not completely match up with my readers. Since watching the Republican Debate only minutes ago, these are the impressions I have.

I am very impressed with the Governor Kasich of Ohio, who I knew very little about before tonight. I feel his potential for nomination has exponentially grown. I am also impressed with Texas Senator Cruz. He seems like he is easy to relate to. He is articulate and knowledgeable. Mike Hukabee gives a very strong performance, although he did not get very much air time. I think that Jeb Bush did a good job answering his questions and separating himself from his father and brother. And finally, I think Chris Christie did fairly well. He comes across as very honest in what he says and also sounds very knowledgeable.

Those who I feel fell somewhere in the middle of the pack: Donald Trump uses a lot of side-stepping of some of the questions and really has a history of disrespecting females in general. His strongest platform is his stance on illegal immigration. Scott Walker and Marco Rubio just did not have a strong enough performance to separate themselves from the crowd for me.

Lastly, those who’s performance I find almost tragic: Rand Paul and Ben Carson. Rand Paul just did not connect with me at all. He honestly seems like a jerk. Ben Carson seems completely out of touch with any of the questions directed at him.


The Forgotten Warriors

Did you know that a huge amount of the homeless population in Washington DC is comprised of veterans? I have watched as person after person hurries by, trying to ignore them. The veterans never get upset, just seem more sad. No, not all homeless are veterans and not all veterans choose to use any help they get to feed themselves or better their lives, but some might. You will never know if you don’t stop ignoring them and get to know their story. How many Americans, who have never experienced combat, can possibly judge someone worthy of your time and attention?

The movie, American Sniper does a good job of shedding some light on the things that plague a warrior returning home. A Vietnam Veteran is affected much more so. No one trained these soldiers about an enemy who uses guerilla warfare, fighting on it’s own soil, killing or capturing men without making a sound. They came home treated as failures, rejects, an embarrassment to society. No one made an effort to listen, understand, and find out how they can be helped.


What memories they must live with, seen behind their eyelids each tile they close. How would such things affect home-life, employment and friends. Yet there they are, people in their expensive suits walking by the veteran who valiantly served when called. Think about that for a the vietnam veteran

Russian Opposition Leader Shot Dead

According to BBC News – Europe, staunch Putin critic and Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead.

Read the complete story using the link below.

I am interested to know what everyone thinks about this news, other than the tragic loss of human life. Please be sure to leave comments.