During the last almost ten years of my life, I have been very sick. An undiagnosed case of Lyme Disease has resulted in a depressed immune system, unimaginable pain, joint deterioration, and terrible migraines. There was a point during which I was so depressed that I almost wished to no longer exist. I truly believe that it was only the love of Christ, and the support of my family, that kept me going.

In January, I lost my mother. I started falling on a regular basis and suffered from regular dizziness. I took a really bad fall and broke several ribs. That resulted in a stay at a physical rehab facility. At the end of that stay, I suffered from the most dizzying spell of all, during which I had a mini-stroke (known as a TIA).

Strangely enough, it was after this TIA that I began to awaken as though from a very long slumber. On my return to the rehab facility, my therapy began to go better than ever. My focus improved. My body seamed to stabilize. My pain was still there, but I seemed to be able to accomplish more despite it. My following days at the facility provided the opportunity to become stronger, and my mobility was greatly improved.

It is my opinion that I might have been having TIAs for a while. I think that the most recent TIA actually reset something in my mind and body. I believe that God has worked a mysterious miracle in me, and I am happy to tell about it. Despite everything I have suffered, I am blessed. I have salvation for my soul, a second wind for my body, great and knowledgeable doctors, and wonderful family and friends. No matter what may happen, I am blessed.


Melania Trump’s Revenge on Designers Who Wouldn’t Dress Her

Since hearing of the fashion designers who refused to dress the gorgeous first lady, I have wondered whether or not they should reconsider. They are not only people, but also brands and companies. It is never a good idea to “cut off your nose to spite your face.”
Yes, that is gory. However, it is also a very old, very clever, saying that seems to fit this situation.


Melania Trump is proving to the fashion designers who said they wouldn’t help her that dressing well is the best revenge.

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How Chuck Berry’s Gift for Words and Music Changed Rock History


Chuck Berry (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Chuck Berry died on March 18. Without him, something called “rock ’n’ roll” might still have come along, but it would’ve sounded different. And it almost certainly wouldn’t have sounded as good.

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Child Molestation Trial Begins For Outspoken Florida Pastor With Checkered History; Pastor Denies Charges, Says “I’m On Trial For My Anti-Gay Rights Activism”


The Rev. Ken Adkins listens in September as Assistant District Attorney Katie Gropper tells Glynn County Chief Magistrate Timothy Barton that Adkins should be bound over for possible indictment by a county grand jury on child molestation charges. (Terry Dickson/Florida Times-Union)

Kenneth Adkins sits in jail and ticks off the hours … days … dreaming about reinventing himself.

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