My Views on the Presidential Debate 8-6-15

This editorial is my opinion and will probably not completely match up with my readers. Since watching the Republican Debate only minutes ago, these are the impressions I have.

I am very impressed with the Governor Kasich of Ohio, who I knew very little about before tonight. I feel his potential for nomination has exponentially grown. I am also impressed with Texas Senator Cruz. He seems like he is easy to relate to. He is articulate and knowledgeable. Mike Hukabee gives a very strong performance, although he did not get very much air time. I think that Jeb Bush did a good job answering his questions and separating himself from his father and brother. And finally, I think Chris Christie did fairly well. He comes across as very honest in what he says and also sounds very knowledgeable.

Those who I feel fell somewhere in the middle of the pack: Donald Trump uses a lot of side-stepping of some of the questions and really has a history of disrespecting females in general. His strongest platform is his stance on illegal immigration. Scott Walker and Marco Rubio just did not have a strong enough performance to separate themselves from the crowd for me.

Lastly, those who’s performance I find almost tragic: Rand Paul and Ben Carson. Rand Paul just did not connect with me at all. He honestly seems like a jerk. Ben Carson seems completely out of touch with any of the questions directed at him.


Author: KarenM

Advocate for animal rights, individual rights, and medical issues such as #Lyme disease, #cancer and #diabetes. Reader Reviews and News I also write about television, music, holidays and anything else that grabs me while I'm on my soapbox

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