Russian Opposition Leader Shot Dead

According to BBC News – Europe, staunch Putin critic and Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead.

Read the complete story using the link below.

I am interested to know what everyone thinks about this news, other than the tragic loss of human life. Please be sure to leave comments.


Jethro Tull – The Rock Opera


TullIan Anderson celebrates the life and times of the English Agricultural inventor, Jethro Tull, with the announcement of a new series of concert tours beginning September 2015.

The shows tell the story of the original Jethro Tull’s life, reimagined as if in the near future and illustrated with Anderson’s best-known songs from the rock band Jethro Tull’s repertoire.

The performance is in a quasi-operatic structure with virtual guests on video and some additional newly-written songs to round off the elements of the story. Heavy Horses, Farm On The Freeway, Songs From The Wood sit alongside Aqualung, Living In The Past, Wind-Up, A New Day Yesterday, The Witch’s Promise, Locomotive Breath and other favourites – often with slightly re-written lyrics to better tell the tale.

Accompanied by David Goodier (bass), John O’Hara (keyboards), Florian Opahle (guitar), Scott Hammond (drums) and surprise virtual guests, Ian Anderson begins the touring schedule in the…

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50 Years of the AACM Celebrated in NYC Concerts – By JazzTimes — Jazz Articles


This is a follow up piece from Jazz Times in reference to the blog post I wrote last month about the AACM 50th Anniversary Celebration. It outlines the 50th anniversary concert series to be held in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Jazz Articles: 50 Years of the AACM Celebrated in NYC Concerts – By JazzTimes — Jazz Articles.

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Sensitive Teeth & Gums Tip

This is a problem I face on a daily basis. Because the joints in my jaws are so tight and painful, visits to a dentist are all but impossible.

Lyme Inside - Living with Late Stage Lyme Disease


With Lyme disease we get very sensitive to all senses (sound, sight, touch..etc). But also our teeth and gums are very sensitive. It can be painful brushing our teeth and using mouth wash. Even cold or hot water can be painful. I eat sour candy to help with nausea and the acid will make my teeth extremely sensitive and I can feel nerves being hit when I brush near my gums.

Using my normal toothpaste was very painful and my whitening mouth wash made it worse. I could barely brush on some teeth without getting tears in my eyes. I found using Sensodyn Pronamel helps with this issue. Makes it a little easier to brush my teeth with less pain. After a week my teeth are less sensitive. I just can’t eat lemon juice or sour candy as often I need to. Hope this tip might help someone out there…

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