About pain and writing.

Inspiring words for those in pain

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They say writing can be painfully hard. I agree. And I will add: Especially if you have gout. Ouch! 🙂 !
I’m right handed. My right hand hurts from writing and gout related inflammation. Is all swollen.
So I google: “Painful writing” and found some uplifting info.
First of all – they say that most of the writers have some pain in their hand and wrist from writing, even if they are healthy. So I’m feeling little bit better. I’m not suffering alone.
And there is some more:
Roger Angell, writer and editor for “The New Yorker” said: “Writing is hard even for authors who do it all the time”.
Well, I thought that only I have a problem. Thank you Roger!
And Elmore Leonard, American novelist said: “I try to leave out the parts that people skip”.
I think this is brilliant! Thanks Elmore! This can save me lots…

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A Rant: Incomplete Series… Inconsiderate Networks

One of my pet peeves is getting so far into a story only to find out that the series is incomplete. This irritation creates an annoyance where book series are concerned and an anger with television networks that cheat me by disregarding me as a fan. I lack the patience while awaiting the next installment of a book series and lack respect for networks that deny me closure.

I search out book series that seem to peak my interest, whether as intellectual stimulation or as an escape from reality for a while. Many times it is difficult to know whether or not the series has been completed when I start the first book in the series. I always purchase the initial book first to determine whether or not the story has the ability to draw me in. I always look for a well written story with characters to whom I am drawn… characters I want to know better. When I am completely invested in the characters and their story then find that I am left hanging while I await the author’s next installment, I feel a bit annoyed to have found myself in such a state.

I try to make every effort to find series that are already complete but fail more often than not. I simply hate waiting even checking the authors’ websites looking for release dates. I mark the dates on my calendar or look for the option of pre-ordering. I am impatient to find a finish that is worthy of the story and the characters to whom I feel drawn. Currently there are ten book series for which I am awaiting further story development or closure. It is annoying to say the least. However, the irritation I feel over incomplete book series pales in comparison to the feeling of being cheated by television networks that are inconsiderate enough to cancel a show without providing closure of any kind.

The worst blows come when shows are canceled after ending the season with a cliffhanger. What is that all about? It seems like these networks could order enough shows to provide the series finale that fans deserve. There have been series that I have watched from the premier to the final show without missing a single episode. Then, I was left hanging without closure when the network decided to cancel after the season finale leaving a cliffhanger with no resolution. A great example that proves my point is The Glades which aired on A&E. I was hooked on this show from the very first episode and watched every episode during it’s four-year run. The season finale, which aired September 2nd 2013, finished with Jim being shot in Callie’s dream house while she waits for him at the alter. How can A&E drop a bomb like that on fans like me and then cancel the show… leaving me hanging… never to know the outcome for characters I have grown to love.

This is only one example of how networks have no consideration for their fans. This constitutes more than a minor annoyance. This shows a total disregard for a loyal fan, and I am tired of it.