The Family Babies

Dane Cian Chezzy Hayden and Daddys

All Our Little Children

in Order of Birth: Dane, JJ, Hayden, Chezeray, Cian

Lord, Please Protect Them






Dane & His Best Friend Mario



Cian and G'ma

Baby Cian with G’Ma

Cheesin Hayden

Hayden and Daddy

Hayden and Mommy

Hayden and Mommy2 (2) Hayden and Mommy2

Hayden birthday

Hayden x6


Hayden and Dane

Imported from phone camera 082

Imported from phone camera 220

Hayden x2

1 week old baby on boppy

6-4-12 077

Chezeray reaching for camera

Chezeray with Daddy-black tutu copy

Chezeray looking at camera wearing yellow

easter bunny baby

1 week old with Daddy

Daddy and Chezeray 6-18-12

Daddy and me

daddy loves me so much

daddy's girl

getting my feet wet

hanging out at the lake with daddy we can flyy

Chezeray x14


Chezeray w Daddy and Dane

Dane and Chezeray

Dane and Uncle Cole with Chezeray

Dane and Chezeray

Dane kissing baby cousin

Dane and Chezeray

Cian Daddy

Cian Granny

Cian x2

Cian Nana Dane

Cian Nana Dane 2

Cian and Dane x2

Daddy Cian


G'ma Cian and Dane

Cain Mommy Daddy Dane and G'ma

Cian and Dane



cole and dane watching panthers game


Cory Cole Dane and Chezeray

Dane and Chezeray

Danesbday and washington 014

Danesbday and washington 028

Imported from phone camera 031

Mommy And Dane in Cian's I was born room

Mommy and Me2

Dane x5

The men of the younger generations at granny pops 50th

Hayden, Dane and JJ

6-4-12 094


Ultrasound_Chezeray Alana Lail

Early ultrasound_Chezeray Alana Lail

Christmas baby bump in front of tree

Chezeray x2

Dane Cole Heather at Park

Mario Dane2

Dane x2


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