“My So Called Life”

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before (lol), but I suffer from a chronic, progressive illness that has caused symptoms severe joint pain, muscle pain and weakness, difficulty sleeping, migraines, depression, seizures, anxiety, etc… These are the things that have severely limited my mobility and I have used food as a crutch. I finally reached the point at which I can no longer interact with my grandson, and I have a granddaughter on the way.

Their childhood is fleeting and will be gone before I know it. I want them to remember Nana as someone strong enough to win this battle against

obesity. I want them, and my children, to be as proud of me as I am of them. Weight Watchers is definitely helping me lose weight, become healthier, and believe in myself again. I want as much of my former life as I can get instead of my “so called” life.

Gary Sinise Teams Up with the USO and Loyal Studios to Provide Entertainment for the Last Troops to Leave Iraq.

Gary Sinise is, and has been, a champion of supporting our troops and veterans.


(Kuwait – 2012):   There were approximately 180,000 troops still in Iraq when the decision was made to get them home by Christmas 2011.  Many did return before the deadline, but due to the incredible logistical challenge, about 40,000 are still in Kuwait waiting to return to their families.  It is these men and women that Gary Sinise and his group will go to visit and entertain with the help of the USO and producer Jake Radamacher, who will document the busy itinerary with cameras and technical support from Loyal Studios.

Academy Award nominee, Gary Sinise –best known for his portrayal of war hero, Lt. Dan Taylor, in the iconic 1994 film “Forrest Gump” as well as his dynamic recurring role on CSI: NY,– formed the Gary Sinise Foundationin 2010.   The Foundation has devoted a significant amount of time and investment to support…

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Endoscopy Post Notes

On Thursday, I had my first #endoscopy ever because of severe acid reflux. My terrible reflux was resulting in constant pain from the stomach up. Sometimes the pain would reach up to my throat and feel like it was burning a whole in it. The night I actually started throwing up fluid, I decided to finally go see my doctor…who referred me for the endoscopy.

The procedure itself went well and was thankfully unmemorable. The results however were labeled abnormal. In addition to a whole in the bottom of my esophagus, they also found fluid build up in my stomach. So, they scheduled what is known as a #GERD test for February 8th. I remember limited information about the GERD test and left the hospital unconcerned.

Since then I thought very little about it, but today I thought about googling for information about what exactly causes fluid build up in the stomach and got a little freaked out about what I found.

Without blogging too many details, I decided to keep looking for information and keep my mind open. I don’t know what all this means to my #WeightWatchers journey…I hope it will make no difference at all.