Diagnostic Mammogram

I confess. It has been seven years since my last mammogram. I know. Its terrible. For the past three years I have been so unwell most of the time, it seemed like the last thing to consider. As for the prior four years, I have no excuse. I just can’t get excited about having my breasts mashed like a zit!

That said, it is now time to face the mammogram head on. My doctor has recommended a diagnostic mammogram because I have had periods of breast pain and sensitivity for no apparent reason. In addition, I now have a small lump under my arm. So tomorrow, I will submit to the painful mammogram as well as an ultrasound of the lump under my arm.

Now, I am one of those odd people who does not sit and worry about test outcomes. I see no reason to worry until I have a reason…not “put the cart before the horse” so to speak. My concern is about the mammogram itself. After all, who wants to have their breasts flattened between two plates…mashed like a zit?


Author: KarenM

Advocate for animal rights, individual rights, and medical issues such as #Lyme disease, #cancer and #diabetes. Reader Reviews and News I also write about television, music, holidays and anything else that grabs me while I'm on my soapbox

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