Why do people do this?

Have you ever asked yourself why some people choose to do such selfish things?

A couple of examples from my own past help me remember how it feels to be on the receiving end of someone’s extreme selfishness. Many years ago, I was laid-off from a great job two weeks before Christmas. My children were still small ones at the time. Needless to say, Santa was less than generous that year. Fast-forward a couple of decades. My husband told me on my birthday that he didn’t want to be married anymore. Within a week he moved out.

Unfortunately, my youngest son Cole now knows exactly how it feels to find yourself without a job for the holidays. Today he was let go from his sales job just 22 days before Christmas. With a 2-year-old son of his own, he has to feel some of the same anxiety that I felt so many years ago. Luckily, he has already found a position where he can start part-time in a week or two. This new position will mean a pay cut, and he will still be without income for a time…at Christmas time.

After he called to tell me that he had been let go, I started to think about how selfish one has to be to steal the joy from someone at the worst time possible. What kind of unfeeling, heartless individual can cut the legs from underneath a mother, wife, father…  Despite careful consideration on the subject, I can think of no justification for such actions. I don’t have an answer to any of these questions, and I may never know. Any thoughts?


Christmas Music

Every year I look forward to the holidays. I get to spend more time with family because, even though I am no longer busy multi-tasking, they are still very busy. Last year I was in such a terrible physical condition I barely knew that the holidays existed, so this year I am very grateful to feel better and be more aware. A very big part of my holiday experience is the music that brings the season alive.

Having a small fixed income has robbed me of the joy of gift giving almost making me feel separate and apart from Christmas this year. Therefore, I have not as yet tuned in to the stations playing Christmas music nor have I played any Christmas CD’s…until today.

This week I have slowly come to remember that Christmas is about so much more than gift giving or receiving. It is about love. It is about celebrating the most precious gift of all. I understand that my family considers my gift to be my presence for another Christmas. Their gifts to me are presence, love, support and faith. This understanding brings the spirit of Christmas back to me. Therefore, today I begin to blast the Christmas music again.

“Do you see what I see?”

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Lyme Disease Symptoms, Treatment, Vaccine, Diagnosis and Prevention by MedicineNet.com.

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