I Don’t Get It

Because of my illness, I am disabled by the standard of the Social Security Administration. I draw a stipend every month that is based on a life’s work while paying into Social Security. This I get and am great-full to have.

What I don’t get is the medicaid system. Because I am disabled, I draw a small fixed income. However, my doctor visits, lab work, testing and prescriptions cause me to run out of money for food and medicine. If the medicaid system was thinking logically, there protocol would include an allowance for medical bills when considering whether or not an applicant qualifies.

Instead of just looking at my income as the only measure… the only criteria for deciding whether or not I qualify, doesn’t it make more sense to consider the applicants’ medical expenses? If they tell you that you can’t qualify because the amount you draw is $88. more than the limit dictates, it is ridiculous. If they consider what I draw then subtract what I pay out monthly in medical expenses, it would become clear to them that I live below the poverty level.

I can’t be the only one.  Are you out there? Is there someone else like me who “draws too much” to get help from medicaid? Let me see your comments…read your stories. Sometimes a change can start with one voice.


Author: KarenM

Advocate for animal rights, individual rights, and medical issues such as #Lyme disease, #cancer and #diabetes. Reader Reviews and News I also write about television, music, holidays and anything else that grabs me while I'm on my soapbox

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